i am the hamantaschen


I ended up using Claudia Roden’s recipe, after seeing another blogger write about it, here.

I don’t think these are the cookies of my childhood but, no disrespect to Aunt Edith, I do think I like them better. Now that I’ve survived making my first refrigerated/rolled dough, I am pretty sure that Edith . . . → Read More: i am the hamantaschen

a beautiful day

When we clean up for company, it’s as if the house perks up, like a dog that knows it’s been good and is waiting for a pat on the head.

Kelly brought these fancy doughnuts from a shop in San Francisco. The box was plain brown cardboard. Inside, huckleberry-meyer lemon, bacon-maple, and deep-fried chocolate cake . . . → Read More: a beautiful day

if i knew you were turning one, i’d’ve baked two cakes

I’ve never baked a cake before. My husband doesn’t eat desserts or sugary things. The kid barely knows what cake is. But for some reason, I decided I wanted to bake, rather than buy, a cake for his birthday.

Or rather two cakes, since he’s having two birthday parties.

Birthday party the first is for . . . → Read More: if i knew you were turning one, i’d’ve baked two cakes

i should start a baby food company

This post could have many other titles:

dinner for three

easy low-fat cassoulet

how i am so proud of myself…

This morning, during meditation, I made up a stew recipe. (Yes, this may seem odd… one doesn’t control the direction of one’s thoughts in the kind of meditation I do. I have grocery shopped, problem . . . → Read More: i should start a baby food company

blog, dammit

There seems to be some controversy over the word dammit and it’s hurting our new friend Maggie who just wants to earn a little ad revenue. We’d like to start a let-Maggie-run-blogher-ads write-in campaign, but don’t really know how to go about it, or have the oomph to follow through. If you have an idea, . . . → Read More: blog, dammit

the book(s), the stroller, his crib, and her chicken

Yes, I have been very busy with editing that book. A pregnancy journal/guide. It’s so much fun, and hard work, and I really hope it ends up being a wonderful book that I can be proud of and that helps people.

And when I’m done, I’m really hoping that friend Laura and I will write . . . → Read More: the book(s), the stroller, his crib, and her chicken

how right she is

So, about that Psychic Chiropractor…

Newer readers of this blog may have missed earlier mentions. Here are a few posts that refer:

knowing and not knowing yet

a-ha moment

babycare class

She doesn’t use the term. She calls herself a holistic healer. But she is a trained chiropractor, uses a “non-force” technique that . . . → Read More: how right she is

the remains of the day

As in, this is what was leftover from my amazing leftover-lamb stew.

Mmmmmm. lunch tomorrow!

And this is why I will probably never write a cookbook:

Sweet ‘n’ Fruity Lamb Stew

Chop and sweat one onion in olive oil and salt in a large dutch-oven type pot. Cut up a handful of prunes and . . . → Read More: the remains of the day