answer: 7.5 hours


Question: How long does it take to drive to Los Angeles from Oakland, when squiring a newly-minted 4-year-old child?

Important related question: How long did it used to take? (Answer: 4.5 hours—pretend this was written upside-down because that would make it so much more authentic and Wacky-Packs or something and pretend that it doesn’t prove . . . → Read More: answer: 7.5 hours

birthday celebration, phase 4: on shaky ground

The future of tomorrow’s play date party is uncertain.

Jonah spiked a fever today. I took him to the pediatrician because he was also complaining about being dizzy.

But he’s fine.

I asked the doctor if we should cancel the party and I swear the man looked at me like I was COMPLETELY nuts.

“Give . . . → Read More: birthday celebration, phase 4: on shaky ground

having a 4-year-old is like playing the vegas slots

You insert your quarter and pull the arm. Every third, tenth, hundredth time, you hit the jackpot. Your brain likes jackpot. You insert your quarter and pull the arm, insert quarter, pull arm…

But the 4-year-old is easier to please.

The question is, should you please him?

Yesterday, I made the plan on my way . . . → Read More: having a 4-year-old is like playing the vegas slots

still sick

And so it goes.

Not exactly the most inspiring place to blog from.

I share with you some of my favorite Jonah-isms of the last few days…


The other morning, I was asking Jonah if there are things he worries about.

He informed me that most of his worries involved being left . . . → Read More: still sick

a perfect day

What happened from 7-ish to 9-30ish is a blur.

I recall cooking breakfast. Scrambled backyard eggs in unsalted Irish butter (salted with pink salt) and leftover pork roast, a tiny piece cut into tiny pieces. Faux bacon. Toast.

Jonah’s breakfast was an unwarmed piece of the gluten-free bread (texture of paste) which he carefully, meticulously, . . . → Read More: a perfect day

today we were fragile

I picked Jonah up from school today with two of his friends. We currently have 3 carseats strapped in the back, artifact of nanny share days, so I volunteered to be carpool mom.

Of the two girls joining us, Jonah decided he wanted the OTHER one to sit next to him. And he decided to . . . → Read More: today we were fragile

now that’s just spooky


I wasn’t going to look at today’s “prompt” because once I do, I have to answer it.

I had an idea for today’s post, and then I looked anyway, because… I just had to look.

And it’s about balancing child, relationship, and work.

Which is exactly what I was going to write about. Spooky!

. . . → Read More: now that’s just spooky

jonah’s jokes

We’re trying out jokes with Jonah. With some success. Witness:

Me: Knock Knock

Jonah: Who’s there?

Me: Banana

J: Banana who?

Knock Knock

Who’s There?


Banana who?

(Dear reader, you know this one, right?)

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say . . . → Read More: jonah’s jokes