oakland restaurants: my bucket list

This post has nothing to do with motherhood, or my Grandmother’s passing. Except that since becoming a mother I’ve had less time and money to eat out fancy, and my Grandmother loved a good white-tablecloth restaurant, so tangentially, it fits.

I was just thinking today that I wanted to make this list, so here it is, grouped into buckets and listed in no particular order therein and mainly Oakland but I’m including a few Berkeley places because I break rules like that:


Bucket Half-Empty

(a.k.a. fabulous restaurants I’d really like to try someday)






Chez Panisse, Downstairs


Bucket Half-Full

(a.k.a. fabulous restaurants I’d like to eat at again someday, and again)

Chez Panisse, Upstairs

Oliveto (although this one could go above since I haven’t been there since the new chef started; one of our last meals with the previous chef, Paul Canales, as well as one of our last date nights pre-parenthood happened a week or so before Jonah was born and involved truffles)



Sea Salt



Bucket Turned Invisible

(a.k.a. fabulous restaurants that exist no longer but I’d eat at them again if they could re-materialize)



Downtown (oh my lord, will anyone ever provide those perfect little anchovy-stuffed fried olives again?)

Bucket Totally Full

(a.k.a. fabulous but not too spendy places I do eat at once a year or more)


Aunt Mary’s (bonus points if you can spot the pic of me and Jonah in the About Us slideshow)

Phil’s Sliders

Kitchen 388


Lin Jia


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  1. December 15, 2011 at 6:59 am

    Yum! Jason and I try to get out for a date once a month, this month didn’t happen, but when we do we try to go somewhere that we wouldn’t take the kids too.

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