too tired

What a day! Too tired to download and post photos. Or even explain in a detailed manner.

Best shot:

We slept in the trailer on Aunt Dorothy’s front driveway, woke up and played in said trailer for a while. Went to the Golden Corral all-you-can-eat breakfast (the offerings were astonishing, the floor was greasy, I started with a salad as penance for the week).

Next came the Space Museum which was totally epic. The boy threw the first tantrum of the day when after 2+ hours of touring the entire four-story building and visiting every rocket in the outdoor garden at least twice and watching a movie about planets, we decided to leave. That didn’t go over well.

Next we got back to the house to meet up with Grandma Judy and head home but she wasn’t there because she’d driven Aunt Dorothy to the grocery store. And then, while we were getting out of the car, Jonah’s train balloon escaped and wafted away up into the sky.

He threw that tantrum full-body on the front lawn, with rage and hyperventillation that would not stop for nothing.

Finally, we ascertained that the shoppers would be out for another half-hour so we piled back in the car to go to the most complexly developed wooden children’s playground structure on earth, six blocks away.

Alamagordo is magical. Seriously.

He was in heaven. There were climbing rope webs inside multi-story rocket ships. So the boy overcame his tremendous fear and learned how to climb.

And then it was time to leave.

Cue tantrum.

He settled down a bit when we got back to Dorothy’s because he had someone to tell all of his adventures to.

And then we said goodbye to the beloved trailer (the Grandparents would be back for it on their way south on another vacation).

He was a pretty good sport about the 4 hour drive. We stopped in Carizoso for what should have been another green chile burger but we decided to go straight Mexican food platter instead. Delicious!

And then we got back to Magdalena in the evening just as the giant crescent moon was setting, an awesome spectacle itself.

We put on several layers of clothing plus hats, gloves, boots, and taking one of his flashlights we headed into the back yard for yet one last stargazing experience.

Jonah saw his first shooting star. With a long long tail. And then his second.

All in all, a very good day.

(May return in a day or so to add back photos.)

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  1. November 28, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful day, except for the tantrums, but those are to be expected when they love something so much.

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