jonah said

This morning, Jonah crawled into bed next to me, wiggled himself up into the pillows until we were practically nose-to-nose, and said:

Momma, I love you. I am saving all of my love for you.

This afternoon, as we were driving home from music class, and granted, he WAS tired…

Momma, I want to have another cupcake when we get home.

No, Jonah. You already had one cupcake today. One is enough.

I don’t like you. I want to trade you for a DIFFERENT Momma.

Yeah, well, so it goes.

There is this list of words that I’ve been meaning to record here. Words he insists on continuing to say in his own way, the way he first said them. There is a common thread with some. Others I cannot remember this minute and may return to this post to add later.



Compsiggnayphus (bonus points to dino-philes who can decode this one)

The Whole Entire State Building

6 thoughts on “jonah said”

  1. Awww. Saving all my love for you. That’s a keeper. (I am sure I got “I love Mommy and not Daddy” at some point that morning. But then again, we also get “I love Bambino and not Daddy”.)

    He sticks to his own version of numbers. He can count to twenty, but 15 doesn’t exist for him. As a Lost fan (4 8 15 16 23 42) it’s quite distressing.

  2. Honey: Don’t fear. He used to be allergic to 5 also (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8…).

    MM: Thank you! Me too! Jonah learned about the Empire State Building from the Olivia book and then he and Scott built it out of Legos, and then I was informed of its real name.

  3. Jack says “elephant” and the other day some horrible 3 year old corrected him! i was so pissed! fortunately he listens to no one… :D

  4. Yesterday while driving Zack said to me that I wasn’t his mom any more. I’m not sure what injustice I imposed upon him. Perhaps I told him no? Either way I offered to pull over so he could get out and wait for his real mom… suddenly, I was a perfectly acceptable mother again. :-)

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