giving props to my peeps

My husband Scott does a lot of cool things.

Many years ago, he founded, and designed and redesigned the heck out of, this: Mego Museum

And then his toy-loving brain thought up this: Dida Displays

More recently, a Lost obsession crossed with the Mego obsession led to this: Island of Lost Megos

And now, he’s bringing safari back with this: Abandoned Republic

+ + +

Once upon a time, I “liked” a Facebook page about cooking with kids. Which led to my becoming a recipe tester for Michelle Stern‘s book-in-progress, which led to some hilarious emails and then led to a play date at the Zoo with our respective kinder. And then the book came out and it’s completely awesome. Check it out:

+ + +

My friend Tracy makes amazing jam from the plums off our greengage tree. Her husband, a longtime elementary school teacher, wrote a kids book with a mission: to teach kids about acceptance. And the lesson for grown-ups is that if you want to spread a message (or some jam), you totally can. It’s self-published on Blurb: Theo

+ + +

And to toot my own horn just a tiny bit (peep peep):

The book I worked on as Project Editor when Jonah was a wee baby-in-Bjorn (his cuteness a key part of the job interview) has been published!!!!!! What? Between the blogs and the book, maybe I am an authority on pregnancy after all? Or I was for a little bit in 2008 – parenthood is rife with progressive amnesia: one day (okay, year) it was all sleep-issues, all the time, today it’s dinosaurs and discipline strategies. This book would make a great gift for someone who just found out they are pregnant, since journal entries start at 5 weeks. Then again, that info doesn’t usually become public till 12 weeks. So maybe it’s not so much a gift one gives as a book one buys for oneself. I’ll leave that issue to the marketing folks at Babytalk/Parenting magazines:


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