the replacement half-cat

Once upon a time, I wrote about our neighbor’s cat who used to visit us, rather insistently (“a.k.a. a cat-and-a-half, briefly”). Her name was Molly.

One day, Molly wasn’t with us anymore. Cause unknown. Jonah’s second major brush with the concept of death.

Our next-door neighbor eventually replaced Molly with Sinjun. Who could be Molly’s twin brother, but even more insistent.

Every day we say to Sinjun, “Sinjun, you are not our cat.”

And every day he defies that statement.

The speed with which this cat flies through any open doorway, underfoot, almost knocking one over on one’s butt like a cartoon character.


The speed with which he consumes Bambino’s food? Let’s just call him Sinjun Hoover.

Finally, we have given up.

Sinjun still goes home, to his other home, at night. His days, he spends with us.

Frequently, in Jonah’s bed (conveniently available since the boy has not napped since April 2010).

Note: Blanket and embellishment placed atop napping cat by the non-napping human himself.

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  1. June 29, 2011 at 12:12 am

    We have a cat like that. She is not ours but comes round on a daily basis. For a nibble and for a nap. In her own house she has to share with three other cats and a dog…….

    She is visible on my website link. Surprised guest I tell,
    “Well you know people don’t have cats. Cats have people and she has adopted us”

    I love her dearly, most of all because every now and then she reminds me of the fact I DO NOT want another cat. When she eating my plants and vomiting, or when she leave to much hair.

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