it’s not over until the Thomas jibbitz sings

And yet, our love for Thomas is not over.

This week, I bought Jonah a new pair of Crocs. The last time we bought him Crocs was his first shoe store shopping trip ever, with Aunt Jenny. At Happy Feet in Alameda. On January 8, 2010. A year and a half ago.

I surprised Jonah with the new Crocs, red ones, his favorite color, when I picked him up from school on Tuesday. I suggested we might get a Jibbitz (Jibbit?) for them. When we got the last Crocs, a year and a half ago, he picked a train with a face, not Thomas per se, but an unlicensed distant cousin. Jonah’s been wearing those shoes to death ever since. I think I talked him out of the Thomas one because at that point, I was still trying to stave off THAT wave of consumer insanity which was just beginning to swell.

But feet grow.

And it turns out, Jonah’s memory is long.

This is what he says to me:

“We need to go back to that shoe store that has the Thomas Jibbitz. The one with Thomas facing forward. The shoe store we went to when I was a baby in my stroller.”

(Note stroller, in photo above.)

I called Happy Feet. They had the Thomas, facing forward, just like Jonah remembered.

So we went to the store and got Thomas. But they also had LMcQ. So we got one guy for each foot.

Life is good.

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