a spot of tea with sugar and cream

This morning, Jonah decided he would like to have a tea party with real tea. He has a tea set, which we gave to him for his 2nd birthday, because he was then obsessed with miniature teapots and ladybugs. Amazingly, for as much as he likes to drink tea, we’ve never employed the set in such a manner before today.

There were four cups of tea. One for Jonah, one for Mommy, one for Daddy, and one for Thomas (the Tank Engine). There was drinking…

…and there was much sampling of the sugar. (Small spoon courtesy of toy-collector Daddy who comes in handy on just such occasions.)

And when all the tea was well and gone. There was the building of a train out of teacups.

(The teapot is the smokestack. I believe he said the sugar bowl is the coal tender. Literal interpreters need not apply.)

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