you only decorate the ones you love

These photos represent an evolution over time. Possibly about a week.

First, there was the day that Jonah decided all his Bob-the-Builder guys needed sunglasses. After they were properly adorned, a Thomas and Percy pair were also gifted with protective eyewear.

And then the Bob guys needed numbers, so that they would fit in with the rest of the crew on The Island of Sodor. And while he was at it, a few received additional embellishments. And a couple lost and/or broke their glasses. Which happens.

Then there was the day that Jonah decided he wanted to cover his big Thomas with heart stickers. The big Thomas that he sleeps with EVERY NIGHT, who also accompanies him in lap during the books and songs portion of our bedtime routine.

And then there was the day soon after when Jonah decided he wanted to get some gray paint to repair the scratches on Thomas’ face. (Thomas used to live in the backyard at Leila‘s house until Jonah discovered him one day and she and her sons Jacob and Joseph gifted him to us.)

But then, possibly because we didn’t have any gray paint, something else happened… and the next day, leaves were added, and a third, googly eye.

And then, there was the acquisition of a pair of new guys around this same time. Brewster and Old Puffer Pete (we just call them Bruce and Pete). More festive decorating ensued, with numbers also, of course.

And so, I present to you: The Decorated Beloveds

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