what (not) to do when your wallet is stolen + a cute picture

My mishmash life:

Wallet stolen on Saturday. At a child’s birthday party. In a private room at a children’s museum.

Moral of that story: Never leave your purse unattended. Ever ever ever. If possible, also do not stand over purse you are about to unattend and rifle through it muttering out loud to yourself: “Do I need my wallet? Nah, I’ll just take my cell phone” and then put purse back on floor and exit the room.

Later, when you discover wallet missing, if you can’t remember for sure if it actually was in your purse an hour ago and you think it might be on the floor of the car, go to the car and check immediately. And then, do not keep this information to yourself but rather tell the host, who might want to ask guests to voluntarily check their bags or kids’ bags for said wallet, and call the police, who might make a more imposing presence in relation to said request. Police could also take report of the other guest’s missing iPhones and cash, making the visit that much more worthwhile. Except that police presence would create a terrible disruption. So, do not actually call.

Also do not go up to someone you or your host think might have stolen the wallet and ask them to give it back. Even if they have it, they will NOT give it back. They WILL say mean things about you to your face about the assumptions you made in accusing them. They may be right. No one will be happy after this conversation and you still will be minus one wallet.

Do: Cancel credit cards right away. Put a free “Fraud Alert” on your identity. File a police report because you will need that if any type of identity theft does occur later on. (The police will take your call days later and they won’t even shame you for not calling right when it happened).

Tra la la.

It’s been way too few and far between as posting is concerned. Here’s a photo I missed out on sharing with you in a timely manner, demonstrating our diligent Valentines-making efforts:

And to file under: demonstrations of ultimate cuteness, this photo of our puppy amongst his puppies:


2 comments for “what (not) to do when your wallet is stolen + a cute picture

  1. March 8, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Oh Man, I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’ve had my wallet and identity stolen twice. Such a drag. I love the pics. That Valentines-Card-making-table looks fun.

  2. March 9, 2011 at 7:07 am

    I am so sorry! Very cute pictures.

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