the third rail

So, first we had no rail to prevent him from rolling out of bed. Then we had the Pilates bolster which sort of worked though it looked dicey at best and he was quite crowded in there, what with having also appropriated the body pillow that was originally on the floor next to the bed to break his fall.

And the misfires of two rail options we had to send back, first a foam one that had chemical issues I couldn’t get over, and second a Pilates half-bolster that should have done the trick if it hadn’t snowed tiny plastic bits from its raw side.

Last night, Jonah fell out of bed again. Twice. It seems that each time he was intending to crawl out, rather than rolling out accidentally, and that it just didn’t go well, but it’s hard to say. He isn’t the most reliable reporter.

At 11:30, it wasn’t too bad. There was crying, a trip to the bathroom, and rocking him back to sleep.

At 3:30, we came unglued. We brought him into bed with us, to keep him safe. Which led to the usual gymnastics: rolling, kicking in the ribs and head (his feet, our various receiving parts) until 5 a.m. when Scott gave up, got up, and much to his own surprise, got Jonah to fall asleep again in his treacherous bed. Until 9 a.m.

I don’t think any of us has slept till 9 a.m. ever. I used to, before I met Scott (Mr. Early Riser) and before Jonah came along. Jonah has CERTAINLY NEVER slept that long.

Thank goodness.

So we all survived but we weren’t going to go one more night with that rolly-bolster, even though Jonah protested. “It makes the bed cozy.”

Yeah, well…

Scott went to our local baby gear supply store to solve the issue ASAP. After purchasing one bed rail that turned out to be too big and returning it for one that was kinda expensive but we didn’t have the luxury of time to order a cheaper version online, we finally have a bed rail.

(Feel free to click this link to order one on Amazon – and 3 percent of your purchase will go to replenishing our amateur parenting fund.)

At least it looks awfully nice. Made of unfinished hardwood, it would totally match the bed if we had time and energy to paint it. (Update: Turns out it comes in white. So, we exchanged for the white one today.)

Imagine amazing photo here of half-rail across toddler bed, Jonah asleep and angelic, cheeks pink.

The body pillow is mercifully back on the floor (and hopefully won’t be fallen upon again). After the rail had been installed, Jonah noticed how much more ROOM he had, now that the giant pillow and the bolster were gone. So I suggested that perhaps the body pillow could be a daytime pillow, you know, for making the bed into a couch for guests. He approved.

3 comments for “the third rail

  1. Tammy
    August 29, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    sounds like you need to buy the kid a bigger bed, mine have full size beds and have never fallen out, plus if they need a grown-up to sleep with them for the night it’s comfortable

  2. August 29, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Aw man! We were totally hoping to put that off for a while.

  3. Leanne
    August 31, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    Or alternatively, buy a bunk bed that comes apart. Use only the top bunk (then you’ll have a railing nearly all the way around — except where the ladder would go). Then when he’s much older, you can put it back together — and have a place for a friend to sleep over.

    (Or in my case, my son will soon enough trade the top bunk for the bottom so that his sister can have the safety of the top bunk when we move her from her crib. Lord only knows if the bunks will ever be put back together again.)

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