big boy bed: night 2

You’d think after last night’s debacle, we’d do something smart, like putting the crib bars back on until the foam under-sheet barrier we ordered online arrives (yes I paid extra for “2nd-day air”).

But that would presume that I have control of this situation.

Try telling this kid that his big boy bed has to revert to crib for two more days:

I did try. I gave him a choice: He could have the fuchsia body pillow (folded in half in photo, above) — which had been on the floor beside his bed last night and on which he landed, twice, and then ended up sleeping on the floor with — tucked under his crib sheet as a makeshift barrier until the real one arrived, OR, he could SLEEP WITH the pink pillow (his STRONG preference) but in that case, we’d have to put the crib rail back on for two more days.

He looked at me for a long time, as he puzzled out the two options he’d been presented with, and then opted for neither.

Which led to the setup visible in Exhibit A, above; in which he gets to sleep WITH the body pillow, and my rarely-ever-used Pilates bolster is tucked in under his crib sheet with a prayer for its stick-to-it-ive-ness, and our two rarely-used foam exercise mats are layered by his bed on the floor — with a blanket on top. He wouldn’t let me put a pillow on the floor near where his head might land, so I had to settle for the puppy-blanket-lovey thing.

How sick does it make me that if he makes it over our “barrier” he has even farther to fall than last night?

I know. You’re totally calling child protective services on me right now. It’s ridiculous.

We also had a LONG TALK with him about NOT FALLING OUT OF THE BED. His job is to not fall out. Do you remember falling out last night? Yes, he says (but he often says yes to things, just to keep the conversation flowing).

Don’t fall out tonight, okay?

I WON’T FALL OUT, he says.

When exactly do we develop that proprioception in sleep that keeps us within the boundaries of the bed’s edges during the night?

I fell out of bed in my sleep when I was 4 and broke my collar bone. I still remember riding to the doctor’s office after. And the brace I had to wear. Scott was a sleepwalker. All of this to say, how could I take the crib bars off before the boy was old enough to go to college??????

Update: He made it through the night without falling out!!! Hooray!

1 comment for “big boy bed: night 2

  1. leanne
    August 9, 2010 at 7:35 am

    Hope Jonah managed to stay in bed the whole night!

    I’m already dreading moving my daughter from a crib to a big girl bed. And we probably won’t make the switch until the end of the year at least.

    (*whispers* Also, I hope things go well this fall with that other transition thing)

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