toast dinosaur

Take one slice of bread. Place one square slice of cheese* on bread. Place toast and cheese in toaster. Heat until cheese melts.

Pat toast and cheese with paper towel as this removes the grease. The grease is what stays hot, making the toast and cheese un-eatable for a long time, no matter how much you blow on it. Thus paper towel blot = cools to eating temperature faster.

Slice toast into grid. Either 4×3, or 4×4.

This alone is delightful. “Squa-yurrrs!” declares Jonah. He eats one piece, from the bottom left corner, then another, from the left middle.


He looks down at the remaining 10 squares and declares, “Its ahhh toast daiyNOsaaaaaur!”

After eating the three remaining pieces across the bottom, he then declared, “It lookslike ahhh train car.”

*Not sure if the cheese is required for this project but it seemed important to mention since it’s in the picture.

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