jonah’s wisdom

On zoology:

Regarding our cat…

Thatz BAMbino! He DOEZnt Hayve HANDSzzz.

On (mythic) zoology:

Regarding a drawing in a book…

That’s aaaah Eyouu-nick-ornn! It has a LONGggg horn that goezz BeepBeep.

On physics/geometry:

No matter what size container Jonah has managed to get himself into, basket, cardboard box, pack-n-play, crib...

Mommeeee HAZto get INit!

On traveling light:

No matter what object, large or small, practical or otherwise, one’s eyes alight upon on the way out the door, one must…

BRINGit WITHusssss.

On traveling with companions:

While walking with a person of similar age and height…

WEshould HOLD handzsss.

(Also while traveling in side-by-side car seats. We’ve installed the seats from each car both in one car so that we can take friends with us on play dates. Yesterday, Jonah held Ava’s hand across the wide divide of the middle seat. Tried to get a photo but complicated to do while driving.)

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  1. Laura
    August 31, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    The first one? Beyond brilliant.

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