long, lean, and lanky

He’s over 25 inches long, weighs just a hair shy of 12 pounds. That’s 65th percentile for height/length, and 10th percentile for poundage. But mom, before you call me all worried… he’s fine. Gaining weight at a normal rate and all that. Percentiles are not as important as progress in a forward direction. However, his head is increasing in percentileage. He’s now 45th instead of 35th. So the big head shall come to pass. And the people said ah-mehn.

Our 4-month ped appointment was otherwise rather uneventful. She said the rash all over his torso is not eczema, but rather a contact dermatitis. Probably an allergy to fibers or soap, in addition to the reaction he’s having to the puddles of drool and spit-up that accumulate in his neck folds. She recommended continuing to moisturize him. I consulted with the Psychic Chiropractor later in the day (yes, she’s back to being contact-able on the telecommunicational plane) and she says it’s a polyester allergy for which she will treat him — “And how exactly is she going to do that again?” asks Scott. “From North Carolina?… Just so we’re clear.”

Not that he’s been wearing polyester clothing. Perish the thought! But those waterproof diaper covers — pure plasticized man-made materials. I never was able to keep up with lanolinizing the wool ones.

We only had one vaccine at this appointment, the DTaP. Had done rotavirus two months ago also, with the previous ped, but this office doesn’t routinely administer it. She said the vax is relatively new (read, untested), the older version caused an unpleasant telescoping inward reaction in some babies’ intestines, and anyway, since the weather is warming up, the risk of contracting rota, which causes diarrhea and dehydration, is waning.

She also checked his head control and pronounced him strong — and safe for outward facing carriers.

We discussed sunscreen and insect repellent and swim diapers for our upcoming trip. I asked about sleep training and she said to wait till we get back, and once we decide on what we’re going to do and how, to totally commit. The problems come when you waffle.

I also asked her about all the dire warnings the cranial-sacral practitioner had laid on my head — no split leg carriers, baby bucket bad, don’t lift the boy from under his arms. Doc made a face. “People who say those things don’t have children.” Yup. C-S woman has dogs. (She also had called pacifiers “thrush carriers,” and yet the only person I know who with her baby has contracted thrush, doesn’t use them.)

If we’re talking about me, this post could be titled “old, mean, and cranky.” Not sure why. Just am that way. Yesterday and today. Maybe because all we got out for yesterday was the doc appointment. Maybe it’s the moon. Maybe after 16 weeks of babycare I’m going through a down cycle with the whole joy of parenting experience.

Yesterday was also our second anniversary. We didn’t do anything though. Scott had to work, of course. But I didn’t feel like we needed to do anything. Even when I’m not totally consumed with new-parenthood, I’m not big on gifts, cards, etc. I rarely remember anyone elses’ birthdays, anniversaries. I’m not against celebrating. It’s just this weird quirk I have that causes me to telescope inward, skip over, forget.

We had decided already that our impending Hawaii trip makes a nice anniversary present. And the video camera we need to buy. But maybe it doesn’t work that way. Last night, when Scott got home he said he wished he’d at least bought me some flowers.

On the plus side, the cards we gave each other for our first anniversary are still up on the mantle, so we can just read those again.

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  1. March 19, 2008 at 10:37 am

    I don’t do cards or remember dates either, especially not other people’s. As long as we’re clear that I still love you, then we’re fine.

    Happy anniversary darlings!

    Glad the Ped MD visit went well. He’s fine…

    And yes, it is tiring to take care of a newborn. You’ll catch up on sleep eventually. So maybe you’ll feel cranky for a few more months. We still love you.

    I had this mom’s book called the Mother’s Almanac, written in the 60s, that said beware when the baby turns about 9 months old. you will be so happy with how well you’re handling all this, how easy life with baby has become, that you’ll get too confident and start thinking it might be nice to have another one soon.

    Yes, I read this, and shook my head, and still got pregnant with #2 when #1 was… nine months old.

    This message brought to you as an oracular, double-edged sword: 1) it will get better and 2) don’t let the getting-better-ness fool you into rapid repeat of reproduction.

    Because two close together are a blessing but they’re also very very difficult.

    Just sayin’

    Hold out for that nine-month happy high! And watch your birth control!

  2. Leanne
    March 19, 2008 at 11:20 am

    “The problems come when you waffle” — struck a chord with me. You’ve got a ways to go before you really need to think about this, but committing to consistency will become even more important… especially when Jonah is old enough to need boundaries and discipline. I’ve wanted to kick myself on more than one occasion for not being as firm as maybe I needed to be. But then I’ve also needed to learn which battles really need to be fought and which things I should just let slide.

    Sounds like things are going well with the new Peds doc.

    Oh, and a happy belated anniversary — Hawaii sounds like a nice way to celebrate!

  3. March 19, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    I’m glad she dispelled that split-leg carrier hoo-ha. And it sounds like your boy will be a basketball player someday.

    Laura H.’s last blog post..Micro and macro

  4. March 19, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Maybe you inherited the forgetting of anniversary thing. I forgot yours. :-((

    Happy Anniversary, We love you whole bunches,

    Nana and Papa

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