last meal redux

I don’t know how many more date nights I can squeeze out of Scott before this baby comes, but we had one more tonight and no truffles to confuse us, so that was good.

We also figured out, not a moment too soon, that we’re just too old, pregnant, and tired for late night movies, so it was movie first at 5 (that new Bob Dylan pic — pretty to look at, but a little too long) and then dinner. At another of our favorite places — the one that has the anchovy stuffed fried olives; mmmmm… heaven.

It’s a “small plates” place. So we also shared duck terrine, grilled sardines, butter poached scallops, four cheese ravioli, and roasted pork with pears, chanterelles, chard, and spaetzle.

After the meal, Scott had a scary thought: “What if he turns out to be a vegetarian?”

Highly unlikely, I’m figuring, given his lineage. But he could rebel…?

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