smelly belly

Yesterday, my doula came for a visit. You can click here to read the report at

Also yesterday, my free sample package arrived from mama mio. Nothing has ever made me want to order a product more. What with the beautiful little green silky bag containing a small bottle of the belly rub oil, and a tester-size smigeon of their boob tube product, plus a preggy pop candy sample, and the handwritten note, on color-coordinated polka dot stationery in a green envelope.

Emily, whose purple penwomanship is quite enviable, congratulated me on my pregnancy and offered her direct line phone number if I have any questions.

Oh, I wanted to love this stuff. Sadly, I have to report that the signature scent (a combination of citrus and white flowers), while very attractive at first, and quite pleasing to Scott, ultimately gave me a headache. Sigh.

So, I’m stuck using my health food store stretch-mark prevention goo, and thus smelling like a hippie.

With the dough I would have spent on Tummy Rub Cream, I purchased a slicing tool instead, because really, if I’m not using products to help while cooking the baby, I’m using products that help while cooking dinner for the baby, Scott, and me.

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