is he moving or is it gas?

For weeks now, I’ve been pretty sure I’ve been feeling what they call “fluttering.” Now I understand why Tom Cruise bought that sonogram machine. I’d like a little window on my abdomen, just to see for sure that he’s in there, moving around. Of course we saw him move at the 16-week ultrasound, and given the whole two-vessel-cord thing, we’ll be seeing him again around week 26 or sooner.

(I have to fight the urge to call him “it,” as in feeling IT move. Saying “him” is weird, because he doesn’t seem totally real yet, even with the recent belly expansion.)

Tonight, I think the movement became more distinct. I’m still hesitant to state it for certain, but there was one startling little thump/jab sensation that had to be… and a few other schwomp schwomp twitters.

It will be so much more reassuring when we can see an elbow poking out from below my ribs, or wherever. Speaking of which, people are more frequently asking me if they can touch my stomach — it is big enough to warrant such requests now. And then they politely touch the part above my belly button, which, I agree, is nice and round and tempting, but I’m pretty sure from the diagrams I’ve seen that the baby is at or below my belly button, so basically they’re saying a friendly pat-hello to my squished up intestines. Hello!

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